Festivals and Events of the Krishna Temple

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Krishna temple arranges many festivals and events annually, such as Sri Krishna Janmastami, Gaura Purnima, Rama Navami, Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra and Diwali, as well as Sunday Feast programs and special events. The feast is served at the end of every festival and event. All the festivals and events are open to all and free of charge. 

For arranging these festivals and events the following costs need to be covered: 


Disposal cutlery 

Waste arrangements

Flower decorations for the Lord and general decorations

Sound, light and stage arrangements 

Guest guidance 

Marketing and advertisement 

Event related publication

Security related costs 

Other paraphernalia 

We kindly request you to donate for arranging these wonderful festivals and events.

You can choose to donate according to your own will by pressing the donation buttons below or directly donate to the temple account. 

Bank details:

Bank: Osuuspankki
Receiver: Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa
Account number: FI98 5541 2820 0239 51
Reference number: 161813

Further details: 

Tapo Divyam Dasa (Tapio Paljakka)
Temple President 
ISKCON Helsinki Malmi Manor, Hare Krishna temple
Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa

Permit recipient and executor:
Krishna-liike ISKCON Suomessa (0637759-7)
Permit issued by:
National Police Board of Finland
Diary number and date of issue
RA/2022/983 23.06.2022-
Region of permit:
Whole Finland
The use of collected funds:
All the collected funds are used to renovate the ISKCON Finland’s temple buildings, to arrange the free of cost festivals and events and to distribute free literature.